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October 30th, 2010 at 9:38:34 PM permalink
On Saturday, October 16th, I visited the Hooters casino in Las Vegas to use the $200 free play coupon in the American Casino Guide. I wasn't sure what to expect from the promotion (other than the $3.50 EV). It did not go down for me the way I was expecting, though I think I had somewhat of an unusual experience.

I arrived around 1pm, joined the players club, and was given a voucher to take to a special bank of slot machines. I took the voucher to the bank of slots, and handed it to the attendant. She then put $200 CASH in in my machine. I tried bargaining to get $100 in cash, but that failed. I was then told that I would be taking $10 spins on the slot machine. The paytable showed two cash prizes, one for $100 and one for $1000. The machine automatically stops on those wins. Otherwise, there are several wins where the player has the option of signaling the attendant that a win has been reached and the session will be voluntarily ended. These prizes include free show tickets, free wings, and free play (at least, according to the machine's facing).

On my third spin, I got red seven, triple, triple. That corresponded to $50 in free play, and was the top non-cash prize. I called over the attendant, and she told me that the free play wins awarded automatically on the machine. I told her that the win gave me $1000 worth of credit on the machine, so that wasn't $50 in free play and asked if she was sure. Obviously, she was sure and I lost the argument. So, not only did I not get the $50 in real actual free play, but I had $1160 in un-cashable credits that I had to sit there and spin through. (note: I hate wings and I didn't have time to go to the free show). So I sat and I spun and I spun and I spun. It took 107 minutes for me to run the machine down to 0 credits. I would have won about 200 wings, 20 show tickets, and $120 in free play if the machine paid all prizes that were awarded. Instead, I got nothing. Since I wasn't playing for real money, I didn't even get a free drink out of the deal. But I guess it was nice to sit and take a break in an otherwise long day of walking the strip.
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October 30th, 2010 at 10:06:19 PM permalink
Sounds like they overhauled their asinine worthless "$200" promotion--when I went there, you got to play a faux "dollar slot" which took three of those "credits" to play. There were only two possible prizes, one of $100 and the other $500, which were supposedly actual money which you could claim. No other outcome was worth anything. I never saw anyone hit either prize during the hour or so I was in there, so what you got for your "$200 Free Slot Play" was the opportunity to electronically masturbate for ten minutes. Ironically, the REST of the "funbook sheet" they gave you was actually WORTH something--about $20 in EV, altogether, including a perfectly good $10 poker buyin bonus. There were also some matchplays and a four-of-a-kind video poker bonus, so I walked out of the wretched little dump about $60 to the good.

I cannot conceive of a scenario where I would ever voluntarily go back there.
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October 30th, 2010 at 10:29:23 PM permalink
I hit their four-of-a-kind bonus card at the bar as you walk in the door on the $5 game, but I didn't know about it and the bartender had to tell me. I tipped him a buck a drink, but I still didn't tip him for the alert.
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October 31st, 2010 at 1:50:27 AM permalink
Quote: rdw4potus

On Saturday, October 16th, I visited the Hooters casino in Las Vegas to use the $200 free play coupon in the American Casino Guide.

I hope you had a pleasant walk to the casino. I'm sure the fresh air and exercise was a benefit to you. I rather doubt the coupon provided any benefit at all.
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November 7th, 2010 at 5:51:17 AM permalink
We played their worthless promotional machines last year, and it was set-up in a pretty misleading way, in my opinon.
I think I even mentioned it at the player's club window, and their response was something likee "Yeah we actually
here that a lot but our management here doesn't care".

HOWEVER, we did get free Tickets to see TODD PAUL by signing up, and his show was VERY funny. He is still
performing there according to the Hooter's website.

So that was the silver lining. Also, my wife won a nice jackpot when we came back for the show. I think she was
dealt 4 dueces on a multiplay DW machine.
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