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Thanks Doc for the nice article. Here are a few comments.

1. You're right that the first lot you get to on the Arizona side costs $7. If you drive past it, the higher lots are free. However, if you're short on time, or don't want to walk up and down a lot of stairs, I'd suggest not being cheap like me and cough up the $7 for the Nevada parking garage. I have seen parking lot attendants reading paperback books most of the time in the $7 Arizona lot. I should rewrite my article to mention that information.

2. Good retelling of the trivia. That isn't the first time the audience has interfered with such bets. Recently I was having dinner and we bet on whether an adult at another table could name Dora the Explorer's monkey. A girl, about the age of five, overheard the question and said enthusiastically BOOTS!!!

3. I drove to Lake Havasu last Monday and there was a traffic backup starting about a mile before the Railroad Pass. I would heed that advice in the article quoted in the last post and avoid the dam/bridge on weekends and holidays.
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Quote: LVRJ article cited above

For more than a decade, city officials have pushed the state and federal government for a bypass that would stream traffic around the city along a continuous four-lane highway.

The project was stalled by a combination of strong opposition and a lack of funding.

I can understand "lack of funding", but I really don't understand who provided "strong opposition" to the proposed city-bypass project. Any locals have info on this?

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