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Quote: GlenG

If you know any CET employees, its free (but they have to go with you). Theres also groupon

I got two free tickets when I signed up for the Total Rewards Visa card. But you don't get the drink option with that way.... :(
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Thanks for this post from:
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Quote: GlenG

The Mob Museum and Neon Museum are pretty awesome places to check out

Hell's Kitchen (Like the TV show) i was there a few weeks ago. It was very good

I second the Mob Museum - and they now have a "speakeasy"
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The Cromwell for craps. 100X odds. Single zero roulette (for a quarter) and DD BJ (not great, CET DD rules).
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Quote: FinsRule

What about breakfast on the strip? Anything interesting?

I went to Egg Slut at Cosmo last year. Long line, but I thought it was good
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Cet 24 hour buffet deal for $50 is not a bad deal if you time it to get 2 dinners out of it.
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Quote: aceofspades

I second the Mob Museum - and they now have a "speakeasy"

Don't you need a password to get into the speakeasy, though?
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Quote: ThatDonGuy

Don't you need a password to get into the speakeasy, though?

The password is,"The House always wins," ;)
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National Geographic Speakers forum at The Smith Center in Las Vegas.

Special deal of 99.00 for all three presentations.

September Paleontologist: The Lost Giant Dinosaur
Next February Egyptologist: When Women Ruled The World
Next June Zoologist: The Giant Cats

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