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FWIW, I went to McMullan's today (close to Orleans) to watch the Turkey game today and there were about 80 folks there who looked to be die-hard, singing, chanting fans. They said they would be there throughout the World Cup for all USA games, so just thought I'd pass it on to the forum.

Also FWIW, they said that USA game days would be St. Patrick's Day crowded, so if you go to McMullans (and you should), plan ahead for parking and big crowds. They said they'd have two huge-screens outside, although I'm not sure how that will work, but they're excited about it.

What's that fan group I see on ESPN? American Outlaws or something like that. That's the group, I guess they have local groups all over the country.

Anyway, good group, good guys, even some pretty girls. I think I'll do my World Cup watching with them, at least the USA games.
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