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I tried online gambling once with a 50% deposit bonus. They didn't even credit me the 50% match. How hard can that be? They never answered my e-mails. I gave up with that and just played my own deposit money. I would have cashed out winnings if I had any, but I lost (VP). I don't remember the name of the casino. I gave them a one star review on LCB, and later an admin contacted me but I never heard back. This was a highly rated casino. How did they manage that? Give themselves a bunch of good reviews? Geez...

A few weeks later the evil online corrupt "casino" (money vacuum would be a better term) e-mailed me to let me know they are giving me $10 of free play. So I logged in and played that down to zero at video poker, again.

Lesson learned... online casinos will NEVER EVER EVER get one thin dime from me, and I encourage everyone else in the entire world to do the same... run these cheats, liars and thieves out of business for good! I would rather play the state lottery!
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Quote: Romes

Am I the only one that caught the part where the OP said they REMOVED HIS WINNINGS from his account???

If you can only cash out $500, then cash out $500... then what's to stop you from requesting another cash out in a week or month for another $500 or something?

If they TOOK MONEY that was won from his account, I'd say we have a whole other issue.

Yes they took away any money that was won over the 500 dollars. The max cash out was 500 dollars. It does not matter if you won 10,000, you can only cash the 500 and you forfeit the rest. That was why it was such a terrible deal. Once you clear the bonus and if you reach 500 you cash out because you can't win any more. (but you could lose the 500)

They steal your money but they cover themselves within the written rules. These are the online casinos that give the honest ones a bad name. I know the Wiz supports them because they have it in the rules but they are a crap casino.
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