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Hi All.

I have a strategy and need some insights on this.

This is for 2 person playing together in bacarrat

I am betting on one side(banker) and my friend is betting on player.

the pattern we follow is when i win i bet 2 times the unit in next hand, if we lose i will flat bet.

my friend will also follow the same pattern.

In short- the winner will follow 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2- pattern
The loser will follow 1,1,1,1,1,1, pattern until he wins and once a there is a win the pattern will be same as 12121212

For any bankroll- Stop win is 10% for each person, Stop loss will be 20%

Then we take a break and we do this patter agian.

We know this fail on a chop of BPBPBPBP , but the chance of regaining the 10% profit is high
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If you take the two bets combined on each hand, and not taking any 5% commission for betting on bank into account, then the system is just a flat bet of 1, but you skip some hands (after a 2-bet wins, the following bet is 1 on player and 1 on bank). It's going to take a while for each of you to be ahead 10%, and while that's more likely than both of you being behind 20%, it's less than twice as likely, so overall, you will probably be behind.
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Thanks for this post from:
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It's obvious that you'll lose more money doing this than if just one of you played and the other one just drank free drinks.
It's obvious that you'll lose more money with one of you playing than if you both just sat there and drank free drinks and didn't play.

Just buy in for $10,000. Order some drinks while you "wait for the cards to get right". Drink your free drinks, then color up and leave.

This will only ever work once, but it will be hilarious.

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