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on June 29th 2010 I wagered 50 dollars on 4 baseball games winning a total of 143.oo It was at the stratosphere sports book.What can I do to at least get my original wager returned. Thanks for any advice.
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Well, if you live in Las Vegas, you can simply go there and present them in person.
Have your id with you, but be prepared for the clerk to not even ask for it and to simply process the stale-date tickets without any fanfare at all.
Going up to the window at a less than busy time might be a good idea too.

If you do not live in Las Vegas, ... mail them in. Oh sure you can do that darned registered mail stuff but for a lousy 143.00 ... is it really worth a trip to the post office?

Now AFTER you've done that stuff and run into some flack for it, then maybe you can start to worry about it.
Chances are you are going to get your 143.00 with no problems.

It DOES cost them time and money to pay expired tickets... since their computers only hold a certain amount of data in their suspense files, but don't make a big fuss about it unless they try to refuse to pay the expired ticket. If you go there, you are likely to bet that money anyway and they know that. They just have to jump through a few hoops so their own auditors are happy and it probably won't be as bad a deal as you are anticipating.

Previously the Stratosphere had a few incidents of not paying expired tickets... it cost them a good deal of unfavorable publicity. They probably don't want to repeat the experience too often, so just give them a chance to redeem the expired ticket without any fuss and see what happens.

ON-EDIT: Please do let us know what you decide to do and how it works out for you. The Stratosphere doesn't need any bad publicity at this time. Its in need of customers.

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