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I've been playing Criss Cross recently and find it to be fun. But I don't understand the Wizard's strategy on the middle card draw. Can someone explain and simplify it for me?
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The Wizard's strategy on the middle card draw bet is not a strategy that most people can implement at the table. You would have to be a computer or very good at mental arithmetic..

Basically, he addresses the situation where you know the two horizontal cards and the two vertical cards. He suggests you consider what your highest hand payout will be if the middle card is each of the 13 ranks, 2-Ace, and to average the payout over all 13 ranks. Also that you adjust that calculation for the number of cards of each rank that are still out. For example, if 2 aces are already out, then it is less likely that your middle cards will be an ace because there are only 2 aces left in the deck.

So you would need to be a human computer (or learn to count "outs" and do a lot of math in your head) to implement the strategy remarks he makes for the middle card draw bet.

I will try to offer something helpful.

Middle Card Draw Strategy tips.
1. If the combination of your two hole cards and either the two vertical or two horizontal cards makes a "made hand" - high pair (JJ-AA) or higher, then you should bet 3X.
2. If there is a possibility of making a flush (or royal flush or a straight flush) you should Bet 3X.
3. If you have an outside straight draw (8 cards left in the deck to make a straight) then Bet 3x.
4. If you have an inside straight draw (4 cards left in the deck to make a straight) then Bet 1x.
5. When you have a bad hand - no pairs, and no straight or flush draw - you should count the number of high card "outs" you have to make a high card pair. If among the 6 cards (2 holes cards, 2 vertical cards, and 2 horizontal cards) you have at least three of the high card ranks (J,Q,K,or Ace) and 8 or more cards remaining in the deck that would give you a high pair, than BET 1X. With 7 or less cards remaining in the deck to make a high pair you should FOLD.

Those tips certainly don't cover every possible situation but they give you some basic guidelines.
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