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January 19th, 2015 at 12:17:00 PM permalink

The links on the "Recent Threads" page are broken if the unread post you are trying to get to was made by a member you have blocked. This is because the element linked to by the anchor portion of the URL is hidden (since the poster is blocked).

There any number of ways to somewhat easily fix this bug, including linking to the <p> tag that has the message about the user being blocked. This would require the "Recent Threads" page code to know about your blocked users, of course.

Another fix would be to have an element that is always displayed on the page whether the post is blocked or not. It would not have to be visible to the users, just as long as it isn't in a "display:none" element like the contents of the post. Then just use that element for all anchor links.

This is not a huge issue, but it really throws off my browsing experience, and I imagine that of any user who uses the block function a lot. You just end up at the top of the page, and must go hunting for the next post to read (assuming there is one after the blocked post).

Honestly, this might cost me 10 or 15 seconds every time it happens, so I don't want to sound pushy here :p. But as a web dev the bug also annoys me from a technical perspective.
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