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Love your exaggerations to make yourself feel better.

Given your constant presence and time online it goes to show you don't even play!

Thanks for the comedy though.

Just for your info I am not Jughead. Nor Egalite over at baclabs. I went by JoeyKnish when they first started yet since their little screw up with the upgrade I decided not to join. Given that you are the resident "genius" there I definitely don't want to be a part of that community over there.

And you are correct. The Kelly Criterion does not work in baccarat. Something you should practice what you preach because with your negative progressions you are violating your own comments in every way. Just goes to show you don't know much. Typical the blind leading the blind.

If you are interested seems like there are people following your plays as I have seen a particular fellow at the Aria when I was there last week. Same kind of recording method using a 3 column recording with a labby string. Very painful to see with his three buy ins with losses magnified due to commissions.

RolexWatch/egalite = The Fukushima of baccarat.
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Quote: RolexWatch

Yeah you could point out the all crack addicted dime store hookers you been with, you gotta be racking up the numbers by now, lonely cretin in Vegas, thinks it's worth posting a picture of the side-walk flyers that are handed out, then bragging he went with some crack ho. Probably visited STD clinics more times than you won. "Dallas buyers club" soon please!! Seriously hope you catch something that makes you nuts fall off, heard solid rumours your preference is trannies, or the time you fell asleep and then got skanked.

The Kelly criterion is not some chick called Kelly with a strap-on and no you can't apply it to the game of Baccarat, DMSCR/egalite @Bacc' Labs/Jug Head/bonfide mental case and sad crank. Hey ever though of buying this site and shutting it down, you petulant child in an adult body?

"Take my chips", ha dream on brat. FYI I did rather well, exceptionally well, way beyond expectation in Oz. Like they say 'Form is temporary, class is permanent', something you will never achieve. Just so you know as you always seem behind the a-ball and do a fair amount of barrel scraping assuming nonsense in your feeble small-minded desperation to say something. I eat and sleep great, no longer smoke and even work out, life is sweeeeeet, your snide remarks are of no significance to me than the crabs that live in your pubes. Now that is off my chest, yes it was well worth it, I'll take it 'cos my action takes place in casinos not on gambling forums.

Now I'm off to the casino punk.

RolexWatch is banned for a minimum of 3 days for this post, pending review of possible further violations.
If the House lost every hand, they wouldn't deal the game.

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