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I'm curious if anyone else has heard about this incident. Does the casino have the right to sue the players? Mini-Baccarat seems like a game where this kind of error would be easy for players to spot since they record the action of the cards almost like allowed "counting" for lack of a better way to describe it. I don't play Baccarat but it looks like that's what players do to plan their next bet, almost like the history chart on the Roulette wheel.

I think the casino should sue the card shuffle manufacturer for a faulty machine.

I also have to wonder how the casino didn't notice the problem as it was happening. Players raising there bet to the table max and pushing the bet limit sounds like something a rookie pit boss would notice, never mind the eye in the sky security.
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Yeah, we heard of it.

Here's two recent threads about it.

There may be others...
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