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I have been practicing dice setting for about 18 months. I have noticed an increase to the amount of times I complete the “make em all bet” bonus bet on the table.
A year ago, while playing a session at Ameristar in East Chicago. I rolled the “make them all” bet twice in the same turn before sevening out and ending my turn. I would like to know what the odds and probably were of me having done this twice in the same turn. I can’t remember how many points were made, but I believe I did have a come out seven after the first “all” was made, which is what reset the bet in the middle of my turn(don’t know if that matters for the math).
I know the probability on making it once is around 0.005258. So what about twice in the same roll?
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I'm gonna go with 1/190.186 squared which equals 1/36,170.86

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