7 votes (17.5%)
19 votes (47.5%)
15 votes (37.5%)
9 votes (22.5%)
2 votes (5%)
10 votes (25%)
11 votes (27.5%)
2 votes (5%)

40 members have voted

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October 17th, 2015 at 9:10:23 AM permalink
Quote: Deck007

I suspect of the 13 (50%) who disagree my guess is they are from the owners, management, moderators and close associates.

Believe it or not I accidentally voted yes ...

Now my point was that the forum certainly is not dead, and the site as a whole is doing well in terms of visits, which i backed with th google analytics chart.

On the other hand i do not quite understand the purpose of this poll in relation to what i said and to what you quoted me on.

Even if the poll results overwhelmingly showed that the forum is dying, it would still have nothing to do with what i said in regards to the site's traffic. And on top of it it would actually prove what i said that ppl care enough about this site to start such topics, and get involved by posting or votings in this case, which in essence and ironically enough would show that the forum is certainly not dead.
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Sir, I am not sure how to reply to your comments here.
Let us take your first sentence first. The meaning of the forum is dead is not the same between us. Your meaning is it is active going by google analytics. My meaning is that there is much less posting and hence viewing by unique eyeballs.
Second sentence, the purpose of this poll is to back up what I claim which is shown up by the poll figures.
Third paragraph, your point is well taken. But there are much less postings. This I maybe have stretched a bit far to say "is the forum really dead".

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