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Quote: Wizard

Thank you everybody for the kind birthday wishes. My 50th was yesterday. We had a nice taco and margarita party at my place.

Yes, I will now be eligible for "senior" and "silver" promotions here in Vegas. I find it kind of insulting to be called a "senior" but I'll get over it for a cheap buffet.

I would say that you have to life your life as opposed to just passively watching it slip by. The opposite of "take it day by day." Instead, have big goals and work hard to achieve them.

I would tell my 21-year-old self how to talk to women, if I could, but I still haven't figured that part out.

It's not always what you say, it's how you say it.
Body language, facial expressions, timing, flow. CONFIDENCE is a huge factor, but don't try to fake it because it comes off bad.

Two similar looking guys could say the same exact things and get totally different results.

You need to be good at reading them, you should know within minutes if they are really interested or just being polite or whatever. There's sometimes subtle tells.
Wasting time on a potential awkward situation sucks, not to mention its a confidence killer.

I swear one of our members missed an obvious opportunity at monkey fest and didn't realize it. I have no doubt he could've gotten a date from an attractive girl.
Perhaps he's in the Miata club(-;
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Happy belated Bday, Mike, and keep up the outstanding work.
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Hard Rock has their "senior" specials starting at age 45. Have you been taking advantage of that?
They asked me how well I understood theoretical physics. I said I had a theoretical degree in physics. They said welcome aboard.
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Quote: midwestgb

Happy belated Bday, Mike, and keep up the outstanding work.

Thank you!

Quote: djatc

Hard Rock has their "senior" specials starting at age 45. Have you been taking advantage of that?

45?! Well, that is way above the median age there. Old folks like me usually don't darken the door of places like the Hard Rock.
It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet.
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A "senior" at Hard Rock is someone over 27.
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Weren't you born the year Gilligan's Island
came on? Sayyyyy, wait a minute..
"It's not enough to succeed, your friends must fail." Gore Vidal
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Looks like I'm really late to the party. Did you happen to save me a piece of cake? :)

Happy Birthday, Wiz! I really appreciate the work you have done/continue to do here. I hope the years keep getting better for you.
"Dealer has 'rock'... Pay 'paper!'"
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happy belated birthday Mike, hope you had a blast :)

"All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing "

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