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Quote: Doc

The minor difficulty I see with the Mississippi as the dividing line is that it passes right through some (small) gaming centers: St. Louis, New Orleans, perhaps someplace else. Why draw a line that puts Casino Queen of E. St. Louis and Argosy Alton in the East but Lumiere Place and River City in the West? This is a bit of an exaggeration, but that solution is just a tad like drawing the line down South Las Vegas Boulevard and considering Paris Las Vegas to be in the "East" but Bellagio in the "West."

The only "better" suggestion I can offer right now (certainly not a perfect one) would be to divide the country at the border between Central and Mountain time zones -- that shouldn't split up too many things that should be clustered.

I agree the Mississippi River is a bad division. Midwest gambling markets have very similar characteristics, both east and west of the Mississippi river. And Gulf Coast casinos also have similar characteristics. The Central/Mountain time zone split for East/West is definitely better. Like tes, I personally would recommend the VPFree2 geography divisions.

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