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Quote: mcallister3200

LMFAO at tables supervisors sanitizing chair and rail after every single player leaves and every dealer sanitizing on/off buttons. Itís not going to happen, as much as players move they would be spending the majority of their shift doing that, put on a cleaning uniform instead of a suit.

Let me just put this out there for everyone ...... you know that smell you get inside a nice clean hospital room. This product leaves that smell behind once cleaning is done. Oxivir is a hospital grade cleaner that is proven to kill germs like Coronvirus. Its pretty quick at doing its job too.... usually in 1 to 5 minutes!!!

Or you could use Virex 256 which has a 10 minute wait time to work on the germs. Guess what .... this product is so much cheaper than Oxivir . Virex 256 meets hospital needs also.

You can get those wipes like the Clorox ones in stores and add the cleaning product you want to use. Wipes removes the chance the spraying mist of products getting sprayed in the wrong direction. Again a added cost to cleaning.

A quick spray and there you go its now safe isn't the case.

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