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This last trip I guess we had "arrived" because within a few days of checking in, we got the stars on our tower suite keys (indicating RFB status) and EVerything was covered, room, food, beverage, and even all spa charges, but when we first checked in we had arrived (without the "quotes") on a regular promotion (three nights comp'd in an Encore resort suite), and at that point, I was on the hook for all resort fees and upgrade charges and I knew that we would end up staying far more than three nights, which we did end up staying twelve.

This is the latest:

The Wynn/Encore resort fee is currently a whopping $45. plus tax bringing it to $51. and change a day. (The resort fee gets you up to four internet devices hooked up per day, plus access to the fitness facility.)

The cost to upgrade from an Encore resort suite to an Encore tower suite is now $95. per day and no longer includes continental breakfast for two wheeled into the room. In other words, it costs more now to upgrade and you get less for it. (As part of staying in the Tower Suite you may still pick up some croissants, coffee/tea, yoghurt granola concoctions, fruit and fruit juice in the VIP lounge before 10:30am each morning, but that's not the same as a room service breakfast for two.) Keep in mind that there is NO difference in size (both 745 square feet) or layout between a resort tower Encore suite or a Tower Suite Encore suite, just that the Encore Tower suites are towards the end and have better straight down the strip views not partially blocked by the Wynn tower, also the Tower Suites have automatic turn down service nightly, while in a resort tower room you must call in to get the turn down service.

So when we checked in, I was looking at and prepared to pay about 150 per day just to have a tower suite room, which as noted is actually identical to a resort suite room. As it turned out, by the middle of the trip everything ended up being comp'ed and the final bill was about nothing, but still - if we HAD been paying for everything it just goes to show how Wynn/Encore will nickel dime you for resort fees and upgrades even if you are on a room comp.

Honestly, if I were staying on just a room comp, I'd probably just pay the resort fee and upgrade at most to a "panoramic view resort suite" which is a high floor great view Encore suite, which used to run $35. and is now I think about $55. extra per night.

If the fitness facility isn't important to you and internet is, consider paying 19.99 per device per day and declining the resort fee.
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