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Quote: pacomartin

LVS stock has tumbled the same as everyone else. I am always surprised when people get pissed. It's not like Macau is a big secret. Billions of people here about it and read about it. It's not as if you had a secret insider stock tip.

In 2008, LVS was trading in the dollar range and Wynn was in the teens as I recall. Yes, it was the start of the Great Recession and everything was wacky, but when a stock plummets so such depths and then ascends so high- and combined with all of the current economic uncertainty, it only seems natural for the Market to take some corrective action to some stocks.

It's a telling chart though: it would seem we've made our highs at least for a while at this point...
Lack of prior planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on my part.

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