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July 2nd, 2020 at 1:38:48 PM permalink
Circa announced that nobody under 21 will be allowed on the property. Thank goodness. It was bad enough when MGM built that amusement park 30 years ago (it’s the Mansion now). Vegas Is gambling, hookers, and booze! It’s about time we saw a casino returning to the old ways.

“Circa was expensive to build and we couldn’t afford the arcade LOL”-Derek Stevens.
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December 26th, 2020 at 12:04:38 PM permalink
The rumor that (due to the 21 age restriction) women will be allowed to go topless at the swimming pool is, unfortunately, not true.

And now The Cromwell has followed suit to become the first hotel/casino on the Strip allowing only those 21 and over through its doors.

Is this a new trend? Will Vegas embrace an adults only concept, perhaps with an eye towards the future possible revenue streams of legalized prostitution and marijuana lounges? Or is this simply a temporary gimmick to stand out in the Covid era? On the practical side, it does make operations easier since anyone inside the resort MUST be 21 and therefore you needn't continuously card people whenever they buy a drink or place a bet.

Whatever the reason, it's certainly a far cry from a generation ago when resorts like Excalibur and Treasure Island were welcoming families with open arms.

Time marches on.

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December 26th, 2020 at 1:08:13 PM permalink
Maybe it hasn't been mentioned here yet, (then again, maybe it has), but it's old news.

Cromwell being 21+ was announced just days after Circa announced it - and that was well before Circa opened. It might have been before Cromwell reopened.

Personally I think it's something of a moot point. I mean, kids are already kept out of the casino, the only other place I'd like to see them excluded would be the high end / steak restaurant.

Here's a shocker: In both resorts, the high end restaurant (Barry's Downtown Prime at Circa and Giada's at Cromwell) are the only place kids ARE allowed! WTF?
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