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Quote: skygames

Why do i see that great film only today? That film are 1917y?

Say what?
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I finally saw this movie and although I liked it for the story and for the mystery of it all. My problem with the movie, what I didn't like....
I cannot believe she would want to forfeit every penny she ever made, and a lot of money it was. I feel like even though she was trapped, she should have chose to escape the trap and be out of court and have her money to keep. I feel like there was something bigger than the money she didn't mention. Just doesn't sound rational or logical of her, feel she was hiding something important which really made her decision, maybe she was afraid for her life. The
"it's my name, all I have left" was bs. Maybe it would have just ruined the movie.
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I liked the movie a lot too. Donít have to be into poker or understand it to enjoy Mollyís Game.
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