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Stayed at the MGM Sig this past weekend and noticed something interesting on the in room reading material...

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What did you notice that is interesting?
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Quote: MrV

What did you notice that is interesting?

I assume that Circus Circus is not labeled on the map, but MGM has always distanced themselves from CC. I guess they are affiliated with M-Life, but they are not mentioned on the M-Life site.
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CC Card is separate from what I understand. Offers are totally different they still have me in the system from the mid 90's.
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Yes it is a different card, but the "good" news is that you can also use it at Slots A Fun.
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Circus Circus? I hadn't noticed till you pointed it out. But that purple section could only be the Adventuredome, so, yeah, Circus Circus.

But now I noticed several things. What ELSE is shown but not named?

At first I thought the building between CC and Mirage was a former MGM property: Treasure Island. But, no. It's Fashion Show Mall. TI is on the south side of Sands Ave.

But what about the OTHER unnamed building? The one on the east side of the strip, south of the unnamed Sands Ave? That's either a misshapen Sands Convention Center, or an oversized misplaced Harrah's parking garage.

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Quote: Boz

Yes it is a different card, but the "good" news is that you can also use it at Slots A Fun.

I'd imagine Slots A Fun may feel a little embarrassed about that connection.
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And something named, but not shown...Delano Las Vegas. Where the heck is that?
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Boutique suites at Mandalay Bay.

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