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January 11th, 2012 at 8:25:47 AM permalink
Quote: Paradigm

I agree that the name Twist'em wouldn't have been my first choice. It is not terrible, doesn't tell you much about the game (i.e. dominos are used, form two hands, goal of game is to get both hands as close to 9 as possible, etc.).

The best score is 9 and game uses baccarat scoring system. "Domino Baccarat"....I hate that one because bacc is already a mysterious game to many and now you are introducing a new device to an already misunderstood game to the westerners.

You are dealt three dominos so I guess there could be a "Three Domino XXXXXX". Or maybe it is just "Three Dominos".....that seems like it would be the name of an easy game to learn even if I don't know much about dominos.

You do twist or flip the dominoes during play.....I like the term flip versus twist if you use one of those but again not sure the action tells you much about the game.

The logo shows that it is a domino tiles game, and a name like Twist-'Em or Spin-'Em (for the "spinner"device) is reminiscent of "hold-'em". But dominoes are often referred to as "bones", so a name like Bones of Fortune could work. Or just Spin Nine after "make nine", which is what pai gow allegedly means.
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January 23rd, 2014 at 6:35:07 PM permalink
Just stumbled across the game and enjoyed it - I'm guessing (as I didn't bother to work it out) that the thought process is similar to Pai Gow Tiles - so that you'd usually make a nine, else make best low and if the low was rubbish then best high. btw have you considered using cards (with pictures of dominoes) instead (cf ) and say 28*N cards.

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