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Even though it's probably about as easy to win the Lottery as it is to successfully market a new casino table game, lots of folks at WoV who would never play the Lottery seem interested in trying to win the Great New Table Game contest.

For those folks, here's a recent news article that may be of interest:

Who would'da thunk it: 3CP has an overall house win percentage (in Vegas) of more than 31 percent. And, statewide, it accounts for over 3.5 percent of Nevada casinos' total table win. That one game! (Take that, and shove it up your Baccarat, eh?)

Of course, other "carnival" table games don't return as much. They only average a 25 percent win percentage, as compared to the approximately 15 percent win percentage for "traditional" casino table games. No wonder casinos will pay monthly fees ranging from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars for each table.

Anyhow, IMHO, this is a rather well-written article for anyone with an interest in such arcane stuff as this.
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Your links aren't working
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Quote: GWAE

Your links aren't working

You can copy the bad url and paste it into your browser.

Or you can use this link, that does work.
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Jeez, they pulled color war after two weeks.

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