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Quote: CEM

"It's time to bet on the best. Submit for CEM’s award series, the 2014 International Table Game Awards, now in its third year.

We’re looking for gaming industry companies that manufacture and supply great casino table games and table game products, both electronic and traditional. Each company may nominate as many products as they wish, though each individual product may only be eligible in up to two categories (below). If a product falls into more than two categories, the company must choose which category or two they wish to submit in. Additionally, any product nominated in more than two categories must have separate nomination materials, with each addressing specifically why it fits into that particular category. All products must have been introduced to the market within the past two years. Past winning products will not be considered again unless there have been significant advancements or a new version released.

There will be one winner per category.

The seven categories for nominations are:
1. Best electronic innovation
2. Best side bets
3. Best traditional table game
4. Table game gizmos
5. Best hybrid table game
6. Best game protection product
7. Best table game management system

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