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I've been reading some of the posts around here and they all seem directed to games that expect to land in some real casino at some point. So my post might be offtopic here, as I have no intention to include this new game in a real casino. My goal is to make it an online-only game, which will possibly only accept cryptocurrencies. I expect someone around is interested in new games and can tell me whether it's a "cool" game, completely pointless, or something between these options.

Said that, this thing I'm calling "patten" is a very simple game which also allows for strategies, somewhat based on luck, to get higher payouts. A sketch of the implementation can be played now at (a lot of things are not there, and will be explained next).

The very simple part involves numbers between 0 and 9, and the player can only pick whether she believes the system will pick a number < 5 or >= 5. The payout is such that the house edge is 1%, but this is adjustable and in this case is a minor point for this game. A part of the losing bets are added to a jackpot.

The other more interesting part is the plot that is progressively built in the bottom part. When the system picks a number i, its counter in the plot below is incremented by 1. If any of the counters goes above 10, the plot overflows and every counter is reset to 0. Instead of letting it overflow, the player can click on a counter and reset it to 0 (you can also use the shortcuts 0 to 9 for that). If the results form a pattern recognized by the system, the player gets different rewards based on the pattern formed. To form a pattern every counter must be greater than 0.

Right now the patterns recognized are uniform ones (i.e., all 1s, all 2s, ..., all 10s) and stairs. The accepted stairs are: the "patten" stair which goes from 1 to 10; 2 5-steps stairs; 3-3-4 steps stairs in any order; and 5 2-steps stairs (the easiest pattern to hit). Every stair in the pattern must be in the same direction, i.e., increasing or decreasing. The sketch in the site mentioned will show an animation when a pattern is hit, but for now there is no indication of which one was hit and what rewards based on the current jackpot the player would've received. Something else that is not in the sketch yet is the possibility to keep the current pattern (after a hit) and try to hit another pattern; right now when you hit one, the next bet automatically resets the plot.

I've experimentally tested how often these patterns occurs assuming players that never reset any counters, the "patten" stair is the rarest pattern averaging one hit in dozens of billions of bets (I've run about 3 trillion bets to get this figure). For now I don't have a closed formula for determining the exact probabilities, but apparently now I see that I opted for way-too-rare patterns except if the manual resets can exponentially reduce the expected amount of bets to hit some of them (especially the patten stair and uniform above 7s). On one hand this might allow for a huge starting jackpot which might initially attract players, but on the other hand players might never hit one of the rarest patterns that would give closer to 100% of the current jackpot. In your opinion, do you think these patterns are flawed in the sense of being too rare ? Even better, do you think it is pointless to offer such thing ?

I'm being too verbose here, so hopefully I didn't lose many important details and I will stop talking about it and hope you give it a try.

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