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Quote: prozema

That's awesome. My first vulture handpay was on a $2 10 play. DDB 4 aces with kicker on a 3x. I was like, "SWEET!"

My first vulture jackpot was on 5x$1 with one 2x in the top right. Held one ace, then pair, nothing, nothing, nothing, wow. I noticed for Aces at 1st, but the jackpot box confused me, then I saw the kicker. $4,005 for 2x Aces w Kicker.

It was my first jackpot on any type of slot machine, so I was unfamiliar with the procedure. (had some before for winning in casino drawings & tournaments).

Quote: Ibeatyouraces

It's hard to find 10 play QUARTER UX in a lot of destinations let alone dollars or two dollars.

Some casinos have no UX above $0.10 (even though they have $25 VP, which has a $100K royal). Maybe to discourage vulturing APs.

Some tiny Indian casinos have max UX at 3x$0.25 or 5x$0.25. Obvious limiting of big payouts.
Double Super Times Pay can be limited even tighter than UX to $0.10 (Since a dealt royal might have a 20X mulitplier).

Large casinos who don't want to pay big jackpots have max UX at 3x$1 or 5x$1 (even though they might have 10x$0.25 & 10x$0.50).
Max jackpot of $240,000 seems to be very common for "house games" (non-countrywide progressives). Looking around high-limit, you'll see that $200K-250K is the highest that any "house game" will pay.

10x$1 used to be relatively rare.
In Vegas 2009-10, there used to be only three casinos with $2 & $5 UX (MGM, Red Rock, M Resort). But Aria added 3x$10, and in 2017, there are casinos all over the strip with $5 UX.

5x$10 is the highest payout UX I've seen. $2.4 million possible 12.0x dealt royal.
9x$5 SpinPokerUX has $2.16 million possible.

Quote: Ibeatyouraces

I've hit three royals vulturing. One one quarters and one on nickels that didn't hit a multiplier and another on nickels that hit a 3x while holding the lone ace of hearts.

22 royals vulturing, and 2 royals playing heads-up UX (10-coin).

A coastal casino had 25 UX machines which were almost completely wiped of multipliers (for years, was a great place to find loaded machines). I found only one multiplier - 3x$0.05 with one 2x. Landed a royal on the 2x for $400. Cool!
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