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ok so free games are invoked when you get full house flush or straight

During free games payoff are multiplied by a random card,

Yes paytable remains the same across draws

But you cannot change the cards you choose to keep on the first draw.

Royal straight is AQKJ10 only, never seen that one on other machines

I ran it through standard joker poker, one draw and comes in at .6 ev

Then adjusted for bonus given the frequencies using basic strategy of the bonus hands(full house, flush, straight).

Assumed the multiplier is random drawn from deck and multiplied that through....

This added another .28 ev.

coming to .88 ev

I added royal straight frequency*Extra payoff given how many times that would occur adds another .02, but this may be wrong


Does joker poker normally have one or two jokers???

I can't believe I don't know this :(

I need a calculator with one joker in the deck for one draw and also adjust for royal straight, then the ev I worked out would be really close.

But for more than one draw it depends on discarded cards.

I don't think discarded cards are in the redraw deck. But I have to check when I go next week.

If they are not then ev is really hard to work out.

If they are in the redraw then extra draw would not have any impact on ev.

I want to work out one draw first, just for curiosity and a start.

Other adjustments later.

You could also do that for straights royal aspect but some of the plays would not be correct

So that might not be a correct way to evaluate it.

How this makes more sense.

I hope I am getting closer

Also royal flush is not distinguished between wild and non wild on this pay-table.

Another weird aspect

I just remembered.

The bonus is only if you draw the hand first, no after you have discarded, I adjusted for this in my calculation by using frequencies in 5 stud joker poker, from wizard of odds site. Not the frequency after redrawing given by the calculator.

Because of this you cannot change your strategy to get the bonus, it is just drawn straight up.
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Okay so here we go for one draw :

Prepare yourself!!

Given normal joker poker, two pair these are the payoffs.


EV= .6067...

Now add the bonus feature

Probability of either Full house flush or straight given one wild joker.


Look at the wild table

With no drawing, only straight up what you are given, ie the hand you get before draw.

0.002283 full house
0.002719 flush
0.007155 straight

multiply each by 5 games

then multiply by ev of each game .60...

then by the muliplier

the multiplier is the probability of each card in the 53 deck multiplied by payoff summed to get ev

eg joker multiplier is 1/53 joker *25 payoff = .47... etc etc

this comes too 7.64....

so the total extra ev is .28....

now if you could agrue free games can be won on free games, but the chances of this are minimal.

eg full house would be .00238*.00238 per hand which is too insignificant, even with 5 hands..

so total ev is about


Here is the wrong part to adjust for royal straight

Now if you want to approximately adjust for royal straight you could say this is 10% of straights.

which brings the payoff to 2+(8*.1)=2.8

wrong I know but just to try it


Now ev is


add the bonus which is now bigger because of higher ev, each bonus you get ev of winning as well as multiplier if that makes sense.


so .9183

of course some plays I am going for royal straight, as payoff is 8, so the strategy would be different.

but even then I don't think this is a positive ev machine unless the draw factor comes into play.

There we go

approximate ev for a one draw bonus game

Not perfect but pretty good.

I hope????


No to investigate for multiple draws

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Quote: OmegaGambler

Here is the wrong part to adjust for royal straight

Adjusted some of my code and computed the EV for the Joker Poker payouts, including the Royal Straight. Got: 0.63260265782632 (assuming this is a one Joker game).

By the way, what is this game called?
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Thanks a lot for helping

yes is one joker

Now for bonus comes in at


adjusting comes in at 0.926439729 ev

with a single draw

I don't know the name will check this...

I will also check if the drawing feature discards the cards or redraws from the same pool.

It is pretty ancient I think

Hey this is nothing

There are more machines with these unusual bonus features.....

10 free games, hit before draw on certain hands , a lot of fun to calculate these :))

One jackpot machine the royal flush style, used to be two machines

which can give you positive ev when jackpot is big enough.

but need to max bet which is a couple of dollars.

Joker and deuces .99 ev is the next best thing

Its all fun and games

Now how to evaluate extra draws is the next question once I have checked the machine

Thanks Gary,

Merry Christmas

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