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October 13th, 2015 at 1:23:09 PM permalink
I think the choice to go for a royal is one only you can make. In my case, I've had one on quarters, and a progressive on a $2 which hit for $11355. My AGI last year was about 25k, but I took a new job last November which has thus far paid me 36k - and I expect at least another 4k in commissions between now and year end.

In the US, and also being in Alabama, I have state tax to worry about, too. So - I set aside 25% of it just for taxes. It's earned me a whole 60 cents so far!

I see little problem with taking 25% of a big chunk of cash that I didn't have before to pay taxes on. The rest, I maxed out my IRA to reduce my tax bill as much as I can. I might have to pay some for Alabama state, but I think that 25% I set aside will go straight in my IRA for next year, because even at 40k Gross- after deductions, I'll still be in the 15% bracket. Given deductions, exemptions and what's withheld already, I'm not worried about it in the least.

Paying taxes is a good thing. It means you made money.

Paying less taxes having made more money is even better.

If I can get the tax loss statements from all the casinos, I should be quite alright.

For me, I'll go for the royal pretty much every time.
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