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Quote: teddys

I respectfully disagree. Playing, for example, $0.25 9/6 Jacks 10-play, it is also $12.50 a hand. But you don't see nearly the same swings. The problem with DDB UX is that you get a TON of 0-value hands. And 2-pair only pays one unit too. So often times you are getting a payback of 10 or 15 units out of 50. So you can have enormous drawdowns.

I think you've nailed it. The ton of 0 pay hands, the 2 pair pays 1 both combine to be a pretty fierce downswing. "Losing" at JoB feels a lot like holding even. Losing at DDB (especially UX DDB) is actually losing. TDB should be worse yet, with trips paying 2 - gotta hit fulls and quads to make any headway.

I'm just saying that depending on your playing speed, you lost for 2 to 3 hours over the course of a few days without offsetting winning hours. Nothing there shocks me.

It's not like you're trying to say you were only running $20 an hour in coin in and don't understand how you're down $10000 after 3 days. (For the arithmetic impaired, that'd be $1440 coin in, if you played straight through, no sleeping or breaks.) You did put that much money into action.
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What makes Ultimate X So Volatile?
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