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Maybe there are a lot of these, (as in everything that never makes to a casino floor) but I was thinking of ones that do.

In this case, Station casinos once promoted optimum payback machines where you buy games in bulk for a better deal.

Buying in bulk for a better deal -- great idea, by the way. I'm suprised the casino industry hasn't found a way to adopt this across all machines. If someone is willing to pre-invest a large amount of money up front in a machine, they ought to get a better game deal whether it's video poker or Lobster Mania.

So, yeah
1. Bulk buy for those station machines -- great
2. Able to advertise optimum play -- great, though possibly impossible to undertake

3. PLAYERS SEEING THEIR BALANCE STARTING AT ZERO -- I believe that was the big loser idea here. You've got to work your balance up from zero, or even see it go negative. When you realize that if you get a big hand early, but the machine and all those extra games you still have are likely just chipping away at your new balance. Likely depressing for most.
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