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April 23rd, 2012 at 12:25:09 AM permalink
We checked in at about 2-AM and the room was already occupied. When we opened the door the occupants were startled as were we.

Wrote about it on my forum:
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you really do want to use those occupant-side locking devices; we have also had someone try to come in the room in the middle of the night once due to mix up at the desk.

The good part was, we never got charged for the room. Since the hotel did not make a big deal out of not charging us, I suspect they were so messed up it was a mistake not to charge us too. They did have a sign saying satisfaction guaranteed, but we did not make a big fuss. My wife mentioned it while checking out, but surely that is when we would have found out we weren't to be charged. I'm picturing the guy who tried to get in our room got charged for two rooms that night, and when he straightened it out they couldnt figure out who to charge.

In spite of the free stay, we have never stayed there again, a badly run unit of a big chain.
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Were they young attractive females? Maybe your host had arranged a special sort of "Comp" for you?
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Young attractive females would not be asleep without another man at 2 am on a Saturday night on the Strip.
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Quote: calwatch

Young attractive females would not be asleep without another man at 2 am on a Saturday night on the Strip.

Seems to me that could be influenced by their orientation. Quoth the not-in-the-know yokel attempting a pickup at a bar, "What are you two girls doing in a place like this all alone?"
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I checked in at the Gold Coast years ago and found about 50 little kids toys spread out on the bed. Had to go back to the front desk and get another room.

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