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Tahoe trip Day 1:

Left town about 11am, made good time to Tahoe. Checked in to our cabin and looked around. The cabin has it's own hot tub, so we choose to take a dip in the tub to start off the cabin experience. Then showered and went to go check out the lakeside inn.

The lakeside is kinda small and they have about 8 tables, 1 craps, 1 roulette, and 6 BJ, When i arrived, prob 5 pm on Friday afternoon, the place was fairly quiet. There was one guy playing craps, a full $5 BJ table, and a 1/2 full $10 BJ table.BJ paid 2-1. I made the comment to my girl, then said "they pay $10 for the same blackjack harveys pays $6" she nodded.

I went to the slots to play with my girl for a few minutes and lost a quick 10 in the VP JOB. Time to check out the craps table.
$5 min, 10X. They had the wall up to shorten the table, but after a while when more people came, i was shooting, looked down to grab the dice, and as i looked up to toss, the wall had gone! Kinda slipped that one in on me.

We stayed at lakeside for about 2 hours, i was going to walk away from the table with 20 ahead, but i had just ordered a drink and waited for the drink to arrive, losing the win, but still leaving the lakeside only down 10 from VP.

My girlfriend didn't like lakeside too much so we cruised back to harvey's. I was pleased to find they also had a $5 table, but 3-4-5 not 10x. But that was fine with me, so i buy in for 200 and start to play pl,1x + 1 come +1x. this was doing just fine and with $20 exposure per hand it had an acceptable level of variance. was +/- 100 for a while. Colored 2 hours later 80 ahead. girlfriend had accidentally spilled a drink on her pants and was VERY unhappy. so we left to go back for her to change clothes.
Then return to harveys at about 8:45pm, go straight to the 19th floor for the buffet, but no, it closed at 8:30. so we just had a sandwich at the grill.

I went back to play craps, and girl went to play slots. Left about 2 hours later, she was being ignored by the waitresses and losing, so she said it's time to go. I had just dropped a stack of 20 chips on the floor like an idiot, when coloring up(not even drinking!!) then got my black chips and went to the cage. Back at our cabin, relaxing and in bed by 11pm. nothing too crazy.

Day 1: +100 for me, girl ~200 down.

Day 2:

The Second day started out late. We returned to Harvey’s to play some more about 1PM. I went to the cage with a bucket of pocket change and redeemed it for $78. I had tried to convince my girl to come to a BJ table and I would give her a 75 buy in. She did not want to play at the tables, so I relented and played a slot machine with the change money. I hate slot machines, mostly. It is the only wager I make that has any chance of winning thousands.

So I blew $50 in a slot hanging out with her. When I could not stand it any more, I asked her to come play craps with me. She was objecting, but I pushed on her to join ME this time. Again, I offered my money to play with so she was less scared. I gave her a stack of $90 in reds and told her to just mirror my bets. To me this would just be like playing at a $10 table instead of $5. So I was willing to accept the variance, and it started out well. 5 on the line with 5 odds and 1 come bet with 5odds, both of us.

After 4 shooters I noticed we were up about 40 each and thought I might suggest we walk away while ahead, but noooooo, she was due to shoot next so we stayed. Wrong move apparently. She shot, point 5,then 2,3,7.
Ouch lost a couple of come bets. OK my turn to shoot, 7 winner, then set a point of 5, followed by 12,8,7.
Time to leave the table while we still had some chips. Lost 120 that session, since it was all my money.

During that session I had played a dollar pass+odds for the dealers a few times, they were being pretty patient with my girl at a crowded table. But one of the dealers had told me “Hey, if you only put $1 odds we don’t get paid 2” So I did drop the other dollar, and I should have figured that out on my own. But thinking about it afterwards it seemed more like he just wanted to get the biggest tip I was willing to throw out there. Hmmm, you know I am stingy, but I was actually putting in effort into tipping them, then I no longer wanted to.

So we took a a few hours to go relax and planned to return for the buffet while it was still open this time.. They gave us a window table (BTW on 19th floor) So we had a nice view of the lights of Tahoe Village area. I go to that buffet for one thing, Bacon wrapped fillet. I had two, with some prime rib and a salad. Left there stuffed for sure, but the wallet was $90 lighter after drinks and tip.

Looked around for a table to play, and went back to the one from earlier. I could not resist this table because there was a guy like 7 feet tall and he was wearing a kilt and a tie. Awesome dude,
It was now a $10 table and using the same play as before, the Kilt-wearer made me over $150. So now I put that 150 in the upper rack and only played with the other 40 above my buy in. About 45 min later I was up another 80 and decided to walk away. Betting 40/hand is nerve wracking on such a small bankroll. But I only used 20-40% of the trip bankroll for any session, to ensure playing later or leaving with more than nothing.

After a great time at the craps table I was able to end the day only down a little.
My day 2 was -$30, Including the food.
Her day 2 was -60

Left the casino to return to our cabin for the night. My Girl had brought a bottle of nice champagne and some chocolates so we indulged a bit.

Day 3:

Started by getting up and cleaning our cabin, I had called to ask the office if we could check out at noon. No Problem. So we had time to enjoy the hot tub one last time before leaving. The little cabin we stayed in was a small 1 bedroom and it was perfect for just us. Clean up was easy, wash a few dishes and take out the trash.

I decided to not push on my girl to go gambling again, she had a bad weekend at the casinos and did not seem to be having fun there. So instead of going back to the casinos one last time, We drove to the marina and parked near a trail. The Idea was to follow the trail to walk down to the edge of the lake.
We saw a frozen area in the shallows next to the harbor, and the ice was like 4-5” thick. We kept walking down the path and found a interesting pile of ice, So I took a picture.

Down by the lake it was very nice. About 40 Degrees out, but clear and beautiful as you can see. After hanging out by the lake for a bit we decided to get some lunch before hitting the road. I pulled in to a parking lot at the first place I saw. It was called Steamers, a bar and grill. We both had burgers and they were large and juicy. I managed to get lucky picking a decent place to eat. Homeward bound at about 1:30pm.

The drive home was easy, no traffic or bad road conditions to deal with. Set the cruise at 72 once out of the mountains. We arrived back home in the bay area about 5pm.

I wanted to maybe gamble some more, but was totally happy with the results for my wallet though.
Ending tally: Trip gambling/food money was 500 to start and I came home with 420 in my hands.
So I spent 80 bucks for the whole weekend (not counting using a 50 shell gas card I already had)
Had some good food and good times. All for about the same price as one dinner to outback.FTW.

I will have a follow-up to what I did with the 420 bucks…….

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Quote: shupe03a4

BJ paid 2-1.

Really? What other quirks were there to the game?
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Quote: Doc

Quote: shupe03a4

BJ paid 2-1.

Really? What other quirks were there to the game?

Yeah this does not compute, a BS player has an edge at this game with other more or less standard rules. There have been 2-1 promotions in the past at some places.
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I'll overlook the weird blackjack rules and just say: Great report!
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