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August 11th, 2020 at 10:42:05 AM permalink
I thought I'd make a brief post in case anyone was curious about how the Hammond Horseshoe was currently being run. My power went out last night (still out in fact) and I was laying in bed around 11 unable to sleep without air conditioning. So I said screw it, I haven't been to the Horseshoe since February, may as well check it out.

Parking is the same as before, but they've worked out a way to have a separate entrance and exit. You walk through a temperature scanner and show ID to security. Masks are required and only allowed off if "actively eating, drinking, or smoking". And those activities are only allowed at machines, every other one of which is shut off. No smoking at the tables.

Three players are allowed at each open table, and three per side at the craps table. Players are allowed to handle chips and cards, and I didn't se any plexiglass barriers. The poker room is full of slots. The Asian game room only had baccarat. No pai gow tiles or poker. This seems like a missed opportunity to me since most of the frequent pai gow poker players at Horseshoe play two hands anyway, which would allow the casino to have a full table with only three players. It looked like BJ and craps were both $15 minimum, and UTH was $10. $10 UTH is not uncommon on Monday nights, but I hardly ever saw a $15 craps table at Horseshoe, except weekend nights. I did see the pit bosses disinfecting between players.

I quickly lost $20 at video poker, and then checked out the craps table. The three main tables were open (I didn't look at the diamond tables), two of which are normal and one crapless. I played at one of the normal ones for about an hour and won about $250, mainly thanks to ATS bets. The most points I saw anyone make was two, but my come bets were hitting pretty well. I called that good and left, and even managed some fitful sleep despite the fact that I usually require AC and a fan.
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August 16th, 2020 at 10:09:26 AM permalink
Congrats on the win. Bummer you lost power though. We fortunately avoided that other than brief interruptions that lasted seconds.

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