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Quote: MDawg

That was the dinner your host comped?
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Iím gonna take a wild guess and say Caesars are those stiffs that only want to comp you 10%!
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In any case, on the books or not, that rule is luckily for us not enforced.

And 30% of theo is what they give, up to 40% of theo at some casinos.

If you think about it, trying to minimize the comps of a credit line player to 10% of his line doesn't make a lot of sense anyway. They have no way of knowing if a credit line player won't just pay off his line immediately in the event of a loss and keep playing. That's exactly what I did here (and to a certain extent, also here), and as far as the first casino was concerned, I had just played to well over my line. I came back during the course of the trip to beat the h. out of them and wind up ahead all the way around, but still, I gave them the action by way of a theoretical loss.
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