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This is my final post review segment

I decided to walk around the casino floor to get an idea of how large it was

First thing I noticed was all the security guards were wearing Jewish Stars of David as their shields. I didnt think they would be keen to allowing me to photograph their shields so I found this image from the internet

Yes its a Jewish religious symbol

Something tells me the police in Massachusetts dont know this

At any rate I purchased a 99 cent bag of Doritos($2.50 at casino prices) and began my sojourn

I had finished the entire bag about 3/4 of the complete circuit of the gaming floor so its pretty large (yes I know I could have used a watch to time it but this is more visual -- plus I wanted an excuse to buy Doritos)

The players club was not to crowded. Note that you can skip the line if you already have an M-Life card. Mine worked fine including PIN when using FP.

To download FP at the slot insert your players card and push the FP button and enter your pin. That will show you how much you have but it is not available until you push the "activate" icon. That activates it at that machine but you now need cash in the machine to play it. Your cash is deducted each spin and reimbursed from the FP after each spin

This really slows down the spins. If you button-mash you will have to be very patient on freeplay

Slot points were $3 each

I measured VP and its $12.50 per point. There was no Video Blackjack

Most of the VP machines are bartop although there were a few gamekings scattered about.

Also Note slot points are not the same as tier points. When I checked at the kiosk I had earned roughly double the tier points as slot points. Its 25,000 tier points to next card level so dont make the mistake of trying to earn 25,000 slot points. You only need 12,500 roughly (it wasnt an exact doubling but pretty close)

So now we come to the slot vouchers. This was just big in one thread so interesting stuff here

On top it says voucher expires in one year
On bottom it says must be redeemed within 109 days


Thinking it was just a particular machine I checked another and the verbiage on the bottom was even more ominous

And from a 3rd machine

I questioned a slot attendant who had no idea about the discrepancy. He called the slot manager... who had no idea about the discrepancy who then called a higher-up in slots management... who also had no idea about the discrepancy.

They were very helpful and concerned but they finally said it would be investigated. They also werent sure which was the correct date for expiration (I was)

My take: when you enter the casino every entrance has your usual gambling regs sign (no one under 21, etc) and on that sign it clearly says "All gambling vouchers expire in one year"

Surprised the employees didnt know that. Im certain thats correct as its stated as a gambling regulation. I can only imagine the havoc to be caused with a bunch of expired vouchers that now need to be validated by law. Drich can postulate on how this will affect their accounting

They probably have been printing out incorrect expiration dates since they opened in August. Took all of 5 minutes for me to see it. SHM. Just SMH.

After gambling I had some comp dollars so went to use at their Essentials store. Tried to purchase a Hershey Bar and Pepsi. Only to be told comp dollars may onlybe used for merchandise with the MGM logo like clothes

Wow, really? My comps which I earned are now to only serve as turning me into a free advertisement for you?

I didnt want an MGM shirt. What I wanted was a Hershey bar and a Pepsi

I wound up using my comp dollars at the chinese food outlet. Delicious Pad Thai

Thankfully they didnt require my Pad Thai to have an MGM logo on it
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Here's my theory about the expiration date discrepancy:

109 days from Sept. 6 is December 24th. 100 days back from December 24th is September 15th.

My theory is that when the casino opened on August 24th, for some reason they just set the machines to start counting the 100 days from the start of the next accounting "window," and then proceed normally from there on out.

So, Sept. 5th tickets would have read 110 days, Sept. 4th, 111 days, and so on. Every ticket from the 15th onward would all be 100 days, since the system would kick in normally on that date.

Also, the sheriff badge thing is not unusual. Tons of sheriff's departments use a six pointed star. Some use five, and some use seven. It's not an exclusive symbol to Judaism. Specifically it's a hexagram.

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