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Is it always there ? Hours if you know them?
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No holidays
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Great TR Mosca, sounds like you and the Mrs had a great time! I always enjoy hearing how people do Vegas because I have found that everyone has their own way of doing it and that is always interesting to me.
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Quote: MaxPen

The best burritos are not in a restaurant. They are on a food truck near Decatur and Blue Diamond.

Nowadays a lot of good food can be had on those Gourmet Food Trucks. There have been competitions in Vegas and I'm sure the Foodie-Gamblers benefited from it.

When Wynn opened the Wynn long ago he invited scores of cabbies to the tables and all the restaurants. He figured all those free passes would cause the cabbies to steer people to what they actually had experienced. Same with his dealers who normally would not be able to afford high end restaurants. All those dealers and wives passes made dealers better able to recommend places to the gamblers.

Locally, (Florida) several craft breweries have teamed with a variety of Gourmet Food Trucks on the theory that people who enjoy craft beers and ales also enjoy good food. Most of the breweries are neither equipped nor licensed to serve food so its a mutually profitable deal, particularly when its a one price ticket for food and drink together. It seems it was so profitable that the local Seminole Casino (Immokalee) held a Gourmet Food Truck Roundup wherein ten or twelve food trucks were set up in the parking lot. I'm told it was a popular event but I've no idea of the actual turnout.

Keeping an eye peeled for food trucks can be an adventure. The courtyard at the University in Madison, Wisconsin had several food trucks set up and one of them was run by a world class gourmet cook who happened to be doing graduate work in the Uzbek language there for several months.
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Fun TR MOSCA. Sounds like it was still EV+ with all the good food and calories you took in.

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