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Monte Carlo's main casino has a cover charge and a dress code to get in. 10 Euro for the first room, 20 euro into the private salon. The first room had slots, American roulette, blackjack with 6 deck, no surrender, das, continuous shuffler, and dealer does not peak for blackjack. In the private salon, there is Punto Blanco (Baccarat) for 100min with 5% commission on Banker, European Roulette (single 0), Blackjack is a 6 deck shoe and 200 min. They have deuces wild with double or nothing.

The casino next to the main casino is only slots and no tables. The sun casino has no cover charge or dress code. Same games as above but continuous shuffler and craps with 2x max odds. And for the wizard, I could not find Chemin Du Fer.

Spielbank in Berlin had European roulette and blackjack continuous shuffler as the above. Business casual dress code and a 6 euro cover. The blackjack games have back betting allowed.

I played continuous shuffler blackjack since I was already there. Unfortunately, I think most casual European players do not know basic strategy. Most casual players will stand everything. It's frustrating to see pocket aces not be split and 11s vs 6 not doubled but stood therefore leaving money on the table. People blamed each other when losses happened especially the heel at the table. In one incident, the dealer was showing an 8 (the under card is not dealt in Europe), the heel had a 16 vs 8 so she hit, she hits an 8 and busts, everyone yells are her because they think the 8 she hit was going to give the dealer a 16 and then into a bust. I had difficulty getting a seat so I had to back bet with some guy and I would have to beg him to hit low cards vs 10s. Overall, it was a funny experience, fun for the first time and for low stakes gambling.
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No Trente et Quarante in Monte Carlo?
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Monte Carlo is nothing great, I don't understand all the buzz around it. Yes, pay us 10 euro so you can lose money to us. Pay us another 20 euro so that you can lose even more money to us! I only paid to see the first room just to say that I was there. I didn't realize it was extra to see the rest of the place!

But really, what's the big deal? The blackjack is dealt from a CSM and there's no hole card. The casinos on the vegas strip are way more impressive to walk through (and no cover charge).

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