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I know Harrahs gets some well deserved criticism for some of their crappy games on the strip - so I thought I would throw them a bone and mention their New Orleans locations still has some pretty good rules for BJ - even though they basically have a monopoly type situation and could really be tight if they desired.

In town for the Falcons/Saints game so we head to casino friday night. Even in their party pit where I played - BJ was still 3/2 - could split up to 4 times and could DAS.

Night one - bought in for $500 - left w/ $1800 - no bad shoes, couple of great ones. Interesting thing about this night is I soon suspected I was playing next to another counter and by the end of the night we were openly discussing the count ( something I nor anybody else with any sense would do) - but the music was so loud you couldnt even talk to the dealer w/o yelling - we basically just used hand signals - but we could talk to each other some since we were right next to each other. Fun night.

Day 2 and Night 2 proceeded to give most of my win the night before back - couldnt get anything going at the BJ or Craps table.

Night 3 after the game wasnt feeling it at all - hadnt slept for 3 days - but decided to give BJ one more go - everybody else in the rooms already crashed. Sat down in the Masquerade section again and preceded to lose 14 hands in a row!!!!! Get up to go cash my remaining 3 black chips in and decided what the hell may as well roll the dice one more time. The $10 and $15 dollar tables were slam full so I headed to an empty spot at the $25 table. Had 3 average/decent rolls was up maybe $50 when a dejected Falcons fan went on a roll. I decided he was my last shooter so I went 5* odds and covered all the place bets and $5 on the fire. He ended up making 8 points, 4 different ones for a small fire victory - but I cashed out with $2100 and headed to the hotel !!

Despite some horrible sessions I ended up going home with $400 more than I came with - and that was after buying lots of food, drink and football jerseys for the kids. And most importantly - had a great time!!

Off to Vegas this weekend will see what happens!!
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I was in New Orleans for the past week and watched some of the game in Masquerade on Sunday. Those Saints fans are very passionate. I had to have seen hundreds of NOLA shirts. (No one loves Atlanta).

Now to the blackjack. Just terrible. The main floor is all ASMs, 8 decks, H17 and no surrender. Minimums range from $10 to $25. The high limit is 6 deck, S17 and no surrender. The minimums are $100 however $50 minimums can sometimes be found at off hours. Due to the notch being on the top of the shoe rather than the side about one and a half decks is cut from both games. The dealer pulls the cards to the top of the shoe and drops the cut card straight down resulting in the same penetration every time.

This Harrah's is a beautifully designed and laid out casino and I am happy to report that my wife did quite well on the slots for a nice change. I would not and did not play those inferior blackjack games.
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