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One thing about Rivers is there is it is fairly small so the lowest limits on blackjack will be $15 and $25 most evenings. I went after church last Sunday as the wife was having a day with her girlfriends. I brought $150 and dropped down at a $15 BJ table. After losing my first 3 hands lady variance began to turn in my favor as I got up to $617.50 in just over an hour of play. As I left the table I tipped the dealer the $17.50. I then noticed they were running a promotion for Rush Rewards cardholders that if you bought a buffet you were given a voucher for a free one within 2 months. I had the egg special which was scrambled eggs with sausage, asparagus, tomatoes, onions and more. I had some bacon, a slice of prime rib and some lobster ravioli. After the buffet I bought into another BJ table for $300 at $15 per hand. I ground out a $150 profit after 3 hours of play. After that I almost left $600 to the good but I decided to drop $200 playing roulette. I played the number 20 with all 4 corners, the column of 19-21, the double columns of 16-21 and 19-24 plus everything on the outside that 20 could hit on. In 12 spins I hit 20 once and 21 twice and walked out with a $600 profit after tips. Got dinner at Hugo's Frog Bar which serves Gibson's steaks (Iconic Chicago steakhouse). I got the lamb chops. It was pricey but delicious. So I profited $1200 at the tables, paid $20 for my buffet $110 for dinner with drinks and desert plus I treated my wife to a mani-pedi. All told I profited about $950
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Sounds like a good run of luck.
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Quote: onenickelmiracle

Sounds like a good run of luck.

Nothing wrong with that obviously, but considering how they treat video poker at Rivers, he was playing the right games at least (ignoring roulette obviously). :)
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They have a fun Spanish 21 game with a 0.40% house edge. Fun way to waste time while waiting for an airplane.
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I enjoyed a brief visit there.
Small, but lively!

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