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Quote: cestanl


I've suggested this game to Downstream Casino in Oklahoma in a guest comment card. Id love to play it a lot closer to home. I played it last August at Ameristar in St. Charles, Mo.

Ever since Downstream got rid of their Emperors Challenge game back in early 2010, there hasn't been a Pai-Gow game within a 3 hour drive of here, to my knowledge. I'd love to see it's return to the area!

I remember the EC game at Downstream. In fact, that was the only game I played on my one trip to that casino. Interesting fact to those not familiar with Downstream... the casino is located in Oklahoma, the parking lot in Missouri, and the hotel in Kansas.

It's hard to think EC will get EZ Pai Gow for one main reason. Oklahoma requires an ante, paid to the tribe, and paid on every decision hand (pushes TECHNICALLY shouldn't be double charged, but often are). Downstream's proximity to Missouri means they have to be competitive with the MO casinos that don't charge, so the house pays the commissions for each hand. While EZ still offers a house edge, it's easier on paper to count the antes toward the cost of the commission. However, for the other casinos in the area that charge the antes to the player, EZ would probably look like a better game
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