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Hoping for a little insight into how the number of players in any one hand affect the odds of the dealer qualifying.

I've read a fair bit on player collusion changing the odds etc, but I'm wondering how the actual number of players in any one hand would affect the probability of the Dealer qualifying.

Also, I've heard of a Midi Baccarat sized table being used for Caribbean with 1 (or 2?) additional player positions.
If the table were full (8 players & 1 dealer hand dealt) how would 40 cards being dealt to players affect the chances of the Dealer qualifying / beating the players??
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June 15th, 2011 at 5:03:11 AM permalink
The number of players by itself doesn't affect the odds.

However, the more players that discuss their hands makes it easier to see if the dealer might qualify. But the net result is a marginal change in the house edge that is hardly worth the effort. Mind you, most (all?) casinos forbid you from discussing your hands.

The Wiz discusses it towards the bottom of this page: http://wizardofodds.com/caribbeanstud
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