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February 26th, 2011 at 12:55:31 PM permalink
I just got back from my first trip of 2011 to Vegas and wanted to see Win/Loss by property. I figured this might be helpful for some other members on the board.

Go into your mlife account and select view tax statements.
Your options on the right hand side will be

When you select the year you will notice that it will open up on the right hand side of the screen and 2011 is not yet an option.

Choose the option on the very bottom which says: Print Tax Statement
This will open up a new browser window with an automatic print option. Select Cancel

In the top of the new window you will see an address like shown below:

Change the year to 2011. The new line would appear like:

It might autoprompt you to print again and select cancel. On your screen you will have an updated screen showing your 2011 win/loss statements.

This report is a constant tally so if you already have play in 2011 then you will need to look at the difference from before and after your trip.

before trip it said Bellagio: 400 win
After trip it said Bellagio: 800 win
You won 400 this past trip at the Bellagio

Side Note:
I tried this with and it doesn't appear that all of their systems are talking as quickly as mlife. While I noticed my play at Planet Hollywood was entered into the win/loss, I didn't see my play at Caesars Palace. I did notice the tier point increase though which I am 99% sure was from my Caesars Palace Play.

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