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Allan Wilson suggests that more tens assists in the asymmetry of the banker advantage in his book "The Casino Gamblers Guide (1965)". This runs against Griffin and Thorp's assesment that more tens helps the player bet. What gives?
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More tens help the player at BLACKJACK.
I don't know of any pronouncements about the role of Tens at BACCARAT but have heard that baccarat is mathematically the inverse of blackjack though I've never understood just what is meant by that phrase.

I would assume that with several decks in the shoe having some notion of how many ten value cards remained might affect things but it is surely subject to errors in counting and to the position of the cut card and how many of those ten value cards are behind the cut card.

Would a sure and certain knowledge of the Tens cards remaining add a great percentage to either Player or Banker?
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Read books by Lyle Stuart on the subject, the greatest baccarat player of all-time.
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Can baccarat be beaten without a computer?

Short answer: No.
Long answer: See my page on Card Counting in Baccarat.

If this disagrees with anything Allan Wilson said, then so be it. Computers were very slow in 65, which would have been a ball and chain on accurate game analysis.
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I agree that baccarat can't be beaten, neither can blackjack anymore with all the stingy rules (well for the most part). For mini-baccarat, what if there was some kind of shuffle tracking where the person would record the numbers on their score card and use that as some kind of inference for the next shoe (it would take a large bankroll since mini uses two different 8 deck shoes that cycle between each other). This is just a thought, im sure lot's of people will disprove it is impossible, which I believe for the most part it is, it is just an idea I had.

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