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Hi everyone

Most casinos here don't allow players share cards information.If you attempt to show your cards to other players,the dealer and manager will tell you to stop it and maybe blacklist you.
However recently I found a local casino who allows players sharing cards information.
I found professional Chinese teams apparently share cards information and attack the Russian Poker in that casino.

The rule is typical:
1.Double combinations
2.Drawing any number of cards or buying six card for the price of one ante
3.If dealer qualify, ante is not payed
4.Full not losing insurance from three of a kind
5.Buy game option with second attempt when draw same card
6.Dealer play from AK
7.Standard payout table: 1-1-2-3-4-5-7-20-50-100

According to gamsoft ru,one box ev is still -0.5 ante.But this site seems not offer strategy or collusion table.
According to oasispoker ru,should I buy the table d-1 for this kind of Russian Poker.

Also there is a game named 6 card poker in that casino.
According to gamsoft ru and oasispoker ru,seems One box ev is +1.7% ante.What table should I buy?I really don't understand the Russian language.

I don't quite know what the difference between Russian Poker and 6 card poker.I only know people can share cards information in that casino no matter in Russian Poker or 6 card poker table.There are Chinese teams attacking both games.

Anybody can recommend where I can buy the soft to generate strategy table and collusion table for Russian Poker or 6 card Poker?
Or anybody can sell me the strategy table and collusion table for Russian Poker or 6 card Poker?
I'm also glad to share that casino information if somebody wants to cooperate with me and share the tables with me.
Sorry I'm very new to Russian Poker and have so many newbie questions.
Good luck!
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