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Dealers: We'll call the floor supervisor
Floor: You must shoot or you forfeit your bet.

Perfect dealer and supervisor procedure.


Me: So you're telling me that the bet will not be resolved and it will be taken with no fair chance of winning or losing?
Floor: That's correct, if you do not shoot, you lose.
Me: OK, thank you (and I proceeded to walk off)

You are so wrong!
You had a 33% advantage on the come out roll of winning your $2 pass line bet! What more did you want???

What was your "real" reason for not wanting to finish the hand? It could have been a start to 10 winners in a row!
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This may be slightly off-topic, but on the subject of regulation. 7winner and appistappis, please describe your experience with gaming commission personnel inspecting the craps table and dice.
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I have never seen anyone from gaming comm near a table. I will, on my next shift see what our casino's policy on the above situation opinion, you walk in a store, pay for an apple, take a bite out of it and then say I don't really want this apple, give me my money back doesn't wash.
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Well, the particular floor supervisor has been 9/10 a dick to me, so I was hoping to get the Casino Manager involved...but it was his night off.
If it's up to the discretion of the pit boss, then isn't the entire game up to their discretion?

As the Devils advocate it sounds like you have a history of problems w them, why go back?
If it's the only game in town I can understand.

"I know it's crooked, but it's the only game in town."
-Canada Bill Jones
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Floor: You must shoot or you forfeit your bet.

I would have said:

Well, I don't want to shoot. I'm leaving.
When you find somebody to shoot, make it a dealer bet. If it loses, it loses, but if it wins, it goes to the crew.

Bottom line: There are rules, but they may not be the same at all casinos. You can NOT get a clear answer here, unless that person knows the casino and the rules that apply.
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I posted on another thread that a shooter made his point and then threw something like a 2, 3, 3, 12 and decided he had enough and left the table.

The only problem was that I was the only other player at the table and I had established 3 Don't Come bets. They wanted to return my bets and close the table. I refused to take down my bets.

They finally decided that even though I didn't have any money on the line, they would let me shoot the dice. I think I knocked down one of my Don't Come bets before I sevened out.

Has anyone ever seen someone toss the dice with no money on the line?
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That's proper procedure, at least according to the NJ rules.
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