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November 22nd, 2021 at 5:42:19 PM permalink
Was in Tunica this past weekend and saw an interesting situation on a Mississippi Stud Table I was playing at. As a caveat, I will say that I heard that the casino has a lot of new dealers which I saw there being a lot of situations of players/dealers/pit having heated discussions.

Anyway, what happened was at a full table of 6 players, Mississippi Stud, on the 5th street bet, a player accidentally put up a 3x bet (I took his word for it as he did not have a made hand, nor a flush/straight draw). As he realized it and went to remove two of the chips and said "wait", the dealer turned over the final card. Now normally, I would say the player was SOL since he put up the bet, regardless of whether or not he accidentally put it up, but the situation was that myself and at least one player that I saw, still had their cards in hand and had not completed their bet for the 5th street, meaning the dealer prematurely revealed the final card. Another thing of note here, is that I found that not only the dealer at this table, but many others I saw seemed to be in a hurry to complete the hand and reveal hole card early (possibly as a new dealer, they wanted their "hands per hour" to be high). It wasnt big money, as I think it was only $10 difference

The result of the situation was that the pit boss declared the bet to be valid since it was considered "action" once the bet was placed and the hole card already revealed but made no mention regarding the dealer revealing cards early, although I did notice that this particular dealer, slowed his roll so to speak from that point on.

Was curious as to anyone elses thoughts on the issue in terms of the pit boss' decision and what an equitable solution would be. Honestly I thought they should have let him take the $10 off as it was obvious it was a mistake and the fact the dealer made a mistake in turning the card over early preventing him from removing the bet
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November 22nd, 2021 at 6:35:58 PM permalink
If it is just a $10 difference and the pit boss had no reason to believe the player was ‘taking a shot’, then definitely the pit boss should have given the player the $10 back. Just good customer relations. At little cost to the house.
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