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Having spent hundreds of hours playing this game, maybe 1000, I was curious how often should a 4X hand win? Any mathematical gurus know?

I began tracking during my last session. Obviously not a large enough sample size but going forward Iím tracking. Bought in $500 betting $10 a hand with no trips. Fortunately I never had to rebuy. Here are my 4X bets results.

Placed 96 4X bets that either resulted in a win or loss. Pushes were not counted or tracked.
Won 66, lost 30. 7 hour session resulted up $515. I didnít keep track of the ante or bonus payouts, but I consider it a wash with those wagers.
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From the return table on my Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em page, we can get the following probabilities when the player makes a 4x raise:

Win = 58.82%
Lose = 38.47%
Push = 2.72%
It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet.

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