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Quote: Wizard

As for the Banker's Buster, the literature I got at the show says it pays 3 to 1. I have yet to actually visit the game at the Paris.

Interesting. Looks like the video came out in June, so probably best to trust your more recent number. Maybe SG decided a true sucker bet would sell better at G2E.
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Over Thanksgiving weekend, I forced my family members into a 15-hand Paris Poker tournament to test the "fun factor" of the game. It seemed to go well.

The Wizard's Paris Poker page says the player will raise 68.9% of the time, and the dealer qualifies 78% of the time—we had similar numbers even with a small sample size. In fact, two quads were dealt, which also is about right for 75 total hands.

Playing were my dad-in-law, the Mrs./bro-in-law, mom-in-law, and my 14-year-old son.

*—denotes best hand

Dealer qualified? DIL Mrs./BIL MIL Son
Yes Fold Fold Loss Won*
Yes* Loss Loss Loss Loss
Yes Loss Loss Won* Loss
No Won Won Won Won
No Won Won Won* Fold
Yes Loss Loss Loss Won*
Yes Won Loss Won* Loss
Yes Fold Won Won* Fold
Yes Fold Won Won Won*
Yes Won* Fold Loss Fold
Yes* Fold Loss Loss Loss
No Won* Fold Fold Fold
No Won* Fold Won Won
Yes Won Loss Loss Won*
Yes Loss Won* Loss Won

Everyone chipped in $5 for a winner-take-all pot of $20, and started with $200 value in chips. The Mrs. left in the middle to make lunch, so my bro-in-law took over for her. My son won the tournament on the last hand thanks to the guidance of his uncle, who instructed him to bet $5 each on Ante/Play and everything else on the Player's Monster side bet. He made a straight on his last hand, doubling his $130 wager. My dad-in-law finished second with exactly $200.

Here's our responses to the question: Would you play this game for real in a casino?

Yes No Yes Yes Yes

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