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There has been some recent information on Card Craps posted on the Wizard's original and incredibly awesome site. Much of the information is based on the California casinos, especially the Viejas Card Craps game, and the ability to use counting to overcome the house edge by betting on the Don't Pass and laying odds. The Oklahoma version of Card Craps uses two 54 card decks with cards representing each of the die faces, one through six, with nine of each face in the deck. The stick man deals the cards, asking the shooter how many cards to burn before turning over the next two cards to count as the roll. The shooter may burn either one, two or three cards. When the dealer has gone through almost two thirds of the deck, he switches to the second deck while the first deck gets reshuffled in an automatic shuffle master. The information found on the Wizard's site and his suggested link, suggests that there may be opportunities for advantage play. The principle behind this is that the cards in this case do not replicate the randomness of true dice craps. Each time card is dealt, it is not replaced into the deck and this affects the likelihood of either the point or seven coming up. The Viejas Card Craps game has been analyzed extensively and an effective card counting system developed. And although the Viejas version is unique from Oklahoma Card Craps, the principle of non-replacement is unifying. My question is whether a similar counting system can be employed in Oklahoma, where the Don't Pass with Laying odds (10x odds are available) can provide for advantage play? What effect do the "burned cards" that are dealt face down potentially have on a counting strategy. I invite any of your input, especially form the Wizard since you have touched on this in the past. By the way, The Wizard also felt that there are opportunities to take advantage of prop bets, like the Yo, if several hands have been dealt without seeing any five or six cards. But once again I ask, how do the face down "burned" cards affect this strategy.
I apologize for the long winded post, but I wanted to be as clear as possible. Part of my profession :)
Finally, Wizard thanks for providing us with this Forum...you're the Man. Maybe you'll reconsider selling Wizard T-Shirts; I'll take one XL for $20.95!

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