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Quote: mcallister3200

That makes two of us. I think you’re likely right about not completely eradicating the edge. Btw I enjoy reading some of your slot work and your GWAE interview, thanks.

Thanks for the kind words.
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Here's a better idea... follow the flashing dealer to a Mississippi Stud table!

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Off topic somewhat, but on a recent trip to Vegas, I was playing Criss Cross poker at The Linq and because of how they had the progressive bet ring set on the table, one of the dealers would flash the top card of the cross every hand. The advantage was betting three on your original two cards on the "up" portion of the bet if you knew you had a pair. Bad thing was, she was only the dealer for 20 minutes, but I had a few hand where I could "load up" the bet knowing I had at least a push.
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Here's a fun calculation:

When the dealer's hole card is flashed and is 2-J, and the player has J-x-x (Jack High) or lower (as low as 5-3-2), then the EV for Play depends upon the exact combination of cards but on average will be approximately -0.81. Which is clearly better than the EV for FOLD which equals -1.0.

For example:

Given you have Ts-7h-3d: for the following dealer upcards the EV for PLAY will be:

Jc: -0.7687
Tc: -0.7373
9c: -0.8316
8c: -0.8335
7c: -0.7858
6c: -0.8501
5c: -0.8548
4c: -0.8603
3c: -0.7373
2c: -0.8011

The above example illustrates the point that when the rank of the hole card is the same as one of the player's cards, then the player's advantage is greater -obviously because the dealer has a lower probability of pairing the hole card.
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